Annual Dues

Annual dues for regular members will be $300 for 2017.  Applicants who are prohibited from participating in contracts with insurance companies through EBHA (e.g., due to employment or non-licensure status), but who wish to be a member of EBHA can do so for a reduced membership fee of $200. 

The EBHA IPA Governing Board will explore options to recognize the contribution made by members who signed up during our first year.

Your membership dues will be returned to you if:

Your application is not approved by our credentialing committee or
We do not have a sufficient number of approved applicants to reach the minimum number of members we need to have a viable organization.



Downloadable Fillable pdf Membership Application for Licensed Professionals 

Click on the link above to download the EBHA Membership application. It is a fillable pdf file. After you have completed it, mail it to the address below.

​Downloadable Fillable pdf ASSOCIATE Membership Application for Licensed Professionals Working Towards Licensure

​For applicants who are not yet independently licensed in the State of Oregon, but who are under the supervision of a qualified, fully-licensed mental health practitioner who is a member of EBHA, or who is in the process of applying for EBHA membership.

Mail your completed and signed application by regular mail, along with a check for your membership fee, to EBHA, P.O. Box 2538, Corvallis, OR 97339.